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The Partnership aims to provide a source of inspiration to spread the catchment management agenda into the wider public arena through its members and demonstrations of good practice, thus helping to embed sound catchment management principles into the plans and activities of landowners, business organisations and statutory bodies and foster and support the growth of local catchment improvement initiatives.


  • To continue to update and expand the Catchment Plan for the river catchments within the East Suffolk area.

  • To continue to engage with existing organisations, groups, and projects in whatever way it felt to be mutually most beneficial and to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

  • To continue develop collaborative projects to improve environmental conditions, and raise funds to deliver them.

  • To support activities and projects which meet the aims of the Partnership being carried out in the area through promotion, funding, and expertise.

  • To be wide and open and to reach out to organisations, individuals and groups including those not historically included in ‘catchment management’ work.

  • To embed a catchment management ethos into the operations of our own businesses and plans as well as advocate the take up of catchment management actions by others.

  • To be willing to go beyond the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) but to retain the WFD as a core objective in our work.

  • To pursue a twin-track approach – delivering Water Framework Directive aims in the short-term, but seeking to deliver more widely on environmental improvements wherever possible, including themes such as ‘Ecosystem Services’ mapping.

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