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Exploring Nature from Above: Watch the EA's Drone Flyby at Fiddlers Hill Meadow

As a part of the ongoing Fiddlers Hill Meadow wetland creation project, the Environment Agency’s drone team captured footage of the site on the 7th May 2024.

Aerial view of Fiddlers Hill Meadow, lush green landscape and clear blue sky
An aerial view of the project site at Fiddlers Hill Meadow - EA Drone Team

The project is based on the river Colne, between Eight Ash Green and Fordham, a few miles west of Colchester. The aim of the project is to double the current size of the wetland meadow, as well as undertaking other habitat enhancing actions such as creating new scrapes and channels.


The footage captured will be used, not only in educational and outreach material for the project, but also as part of the assessment of the project's success. Images will be used to compare the site both before, during, and after the project work is complete to show what differences and improvements are visible on site.


Take a look at the drone footage and gallery of images below. We will post further updates as the project progresses.


The project partners would like to thank the EA for capturing and providing the footage.

Visit the Fiddlers Hill Meadow project page for more information.

Logos of the project partners: Woodland Trust, Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust, Environment Agency, Essex Wildlife Trust, Essex County Council


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