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'Tis the Season to Plant Trees!

December is the month when many of us get excited about decorating our Christmas trees but the festive season isn't just for decorating , it's also the perfect time to plant trees!

We’ve been working in partnership with the Environment Agency to plant trees at Sweffling on the River Alde. This is the start of a programme of WEIF funded planting for December and January in the Deben and Alde catchments.

We’ve planted approximately 70 trees and shrubs in total so far and the species used include white willow, goat willow, alder, oak, and hawthorn.

Trees are one of the most important aspects of the riparian landscape. When planted in the right place, they provide multiple benefits for people, nature, and wildlife.

Planting trees on and around riverbanks, or allowing them to grow naturally, can help to improve water quality by blocking the runoff of pollutants into rivers, manage flood risks by slowing the flow of water, boost biodiversity by creating new habitat corridors and make our climate more resilient by providing shade and cooling water temperatures.

Did you know that the first week of December is National Tree Week? - It's the annual celebration of trees on social media. Check out our twitter post on the subject in case you missed it!

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