The proposal:

Issues of diffuse agricultural pollution and soil loss in the Sandlings will be addressed using a similar methodology and measures identified for the Upper Deben. We will carry out visits and deliver soil and water management plans for 10 priority farms.  We will ensure implementation of key recommendations by the end of the CPAF project period and introduce at least 10 measures to reduce diffuse agricultural pollution.  Fencing materials will be offered where appropriate.

The outcome:

Farm visits took place in areas close to Butley Creek to offer advice on possible improvements such as fencing to reduce damage to the sea wall by animal poaching/trampling. Similar visits took place throughout the Sandlings area to give advice on soil and water management. These visits culminated in producing a plan with the landowners to offer practical recommendations to address water quality and soil erosion problems. We commissioned Suffolk FWAG to carry out these visits and were also given support by Catchment Sensitive Farming Officers.


At Shotisham an interception pond was created to collect silt runoff from a nearby farmyard and road. Channel restoration work also took place in Shottisham Stream to reprofile banks and open up areas of the channel to create improved habitat for amphibians and Water Voles.