The aims of the Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust (ESRT) are in summary:

  • To conserve, protect, rehabilitate and improve the rivers, streams, watercourses, ground-waters and water impoundments of the catchments comprising the rivers in Essex and Suffolk, including adjacent estuarine and coastal areas, for the advancement of environmental protection or improvement for the benefit of the public.

  • To advance the education of the public, or any association, institution, voluntary organisation, company, local authority, administrative or governmental agency or public body or representative body in: –

    • The understanding of rivers, river corridors, and river catchments, including their fauna, flora, biodiversity, economic or social activity, and river catchment management.

    • The need for, and benefits of, conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of aquatic environments.

These aims will be delivered mainly through the delivery of practical projects, including those developed collaboratively with other organisations, including through the East Suffolk Catchment Partnership (ESCP).

Throughout ESRT’s work, a fundamental requirement will be effective consultation and co-operation with a wide range of individuals and organisations, including landowners, Local Authorities, Water Companies, the Environment Agency, and bodies with specific responsibilities for the environment, such as Natural England.