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Sunrise at Warbleswick, Blyth Estuary
Sunrise at Warbleswick, Blyth Estuary, Copyright Thornypup 2011

Suffolk Wildlife Trust, one of the East Suffolk Catchment Partnership’s members, has now commenced a new project to restore and improve sections of the River Blyth.

As part of the project the Trust is now recruiting River Wardens to undertake river monitoring and practical conservation work along the river, which is being coordinated by Alice Wickman (

The project is being launched with Saturday with a Dragonfly walk along the river at Church Farm, which will be an ideal opportunity to find out more about the River Warden role. Details of these are available at the links below.

We will follow this project with interest here at ESRT and wish Alice and her team all the best for the new project.

Dragonfly Walk Church Farm

River Warden Role

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