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Marsh Farm in Blaxhall, Suffolk is a floodplain grazing marsh along the banks of the River Alde. While carrying out an assessment of the area for Langmead Farms (who own the site), Suffolk Wildlife Trust put together a plan to improve the marsh for wintering waders and wildfowl as well as improving its general biodiversity.

The plan from Suffolk Wildlife Trust (see left) suggested creating scrapes and gutters and improving the existing ditch network. This would enable water to be held on the land for longer periods and create better connectivity between the floodplain and the River Alde.

Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust were able to secure £7,500 from the Environment Agency to fund the improvements and the work was due to be completed during winter 2017. Unfortunately, the wet winter and spring we had delayed works till May 2018 but now all the scrapes, gutters and ditch improvements have been completed.

Site before improvements

Site just after improvements

As you will see from the photos the site looks very ‘raw’ at the moment, but the features will soon blend in with the surrounding area as plants begin to colonise the bare earth and the site will provide a great habitat for birds this winter.

Langmead Farms have been very supportive of this project and we are very pleased to see it completed and increasing the diversity of the East Suffolk Catchment area.

We look forward to working in partnership with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Langmead Farms on similar projects in the future. We would also like to thank the Environment Agency for funding and supporting this project.

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