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Much of our current work here at ESRT falls under the EU’s Interreg-funded TOPSOIL project, which as the name suggests, focuses on using the topsoil layers to solve current and future water challenges concerning water quantity and quality.

This project spans member states around the North Sea region to address different challenges around water; from flooding and saltwater intrusion, to groundwater buffers and managing soil.

This report gives updates from all the projects which are currently in progress across Europe, including in East Anglia (Project UK 2) under the remit of the Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust and Norfolk Rivers Trust.

We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are about the huge range of high quality research and development being undertaking by all our European partners to increase our climate resilience through testing and developing methods to manage topsoil. You can read about our work on page 40.

There is also a fantastic video summarising the impact of the TOPSOIL Policy Day earlier this year, where the results were presented to politicians from EU member states. You can watch this here:

If you have any questions about our work on the TOPSOIL project please get in touch at

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