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The Recovering the Deben From Source to Sea plan has five working objectives. All are directly connected to key issues within the catchment that prevent the river from meeting good ecological status. 



1. To work with farmers to improve livestock management to reduce impact on the river catchment 

2. To promote better nutrient management in agricultural and waste water discharge

3. To engage with farmers, industry, and communities to help educate and understand where improved soil and         water management is needed

4. To improve river resilience to low and high flows 

5. To enhance wildlife habitat quality and connectivity across the Deben landscape 



Delivery of the project is well underway with Step 1. Establishing governance agreed and expanded upon with the establishment of a relationship between the project team and Defra. Step 2 and Step 3 are currently in progress and Step 4 is likely to begin soon. 

By end of 2023

By end of 2024

By end of 2024

By end of 2025

By end of 2030

Step 1.          Establish governance


​Step 2.         Gather and evaluate evidence against objectives​


Step 3.         Engage landowners, industry, and communities​


Step 4.         Action plan together​


Step 5.         Deliver the plan

Explore the full Action Plan for more information.  

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