Water quality can be impacted in many different ways and results when water drains from the land, roads, surface water drains, etc. into rivers or filters through into the groundwater.

Quality is often impact by phosphates which enter the water environment from runoff from farm land, outflows from sewage treatment works and poor plumbing from people homes.

Here are some projects we have worked on to address Water Quality:

Topsoil Projects in Essex and Suffolk

Read the project's overall mid-term review here.

Watch the Topsoil project video here.

Find out more about the Topsoil Project working on Layer Brook in Essex below:

News article 1

News article 2

Find out more about the Topsoil Project working in the Suffolk Sandlings below:

News article 1

News article 2

Our Topsoil project will conclude in 2020. If you could like a copy of the final results of the managed aquifer recharge work undertaken in the Suffolk Sandlings please contact us.