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The East Suffolk Partnership Catchment newsletters give a summary of information on some of the works being done by members of the partnership. Below are all the recent editions, which are published twice a year. For more recent news, check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for posts with the hashtag #EastSuffolk. 


East Suffolk Catchment Partnership Newsletter - March 2022


East Suffolk Catchment Partnership Newsletter - July 2021

2021 has so far been busy for Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust, despite the continued Covid restrictions and the effect this has had on our ability to operate as effectively as we would like. Two new members of staff – Katie Phillips and Andy Went – joined the Trust, bringing new skills and experience and a very welcome and much needed boost to our capacity. In January we took on the hosting of the Combined Essex Catchment Partnership, also known as Essex Rivers Hub, from Essex Wildlife Trust and have had three positive meetings to date with the partners. This edition includes updates from the River Gipping Trust, The Environment Agency, Groundwork East, and Water Management Alliance. Plus updates on Water for Tomorrow and the Rivers Stour, Box and Brett Enhancement Project. 

East Suffolk Catchment Partnership Newsletter - February 2021

This winter editions comes slightly later than usual, to allow extra time for partners to contribute whilst many are working reduced hours or furloughed due to the ongoing pandemic. Despite the restrictions of the past year many of our partners have been working hard on projects, albeit in adapted ways. This edition we hear from the AONB, the Environment Agency, the Rattlesden River Network, Groundwork and Natural England. There is also news on our new vision from our host organisation, ESRT, who also announce some staff changes.  

East Suffolk Catchment Partnership Newsletter - July 2020

This issue brings lots of news from ESRT - on the arrival or our new Director, the launch of our new website, and some thoughts for how to take the Partnership forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hear from a mix of statutory and community-based contributors including the Alde and Ore Community Partnership, Rattlesden River Network, the Environment Agency and the Suffolk Coasts and Heath AONB. There is also welcome news on recently released funding available from Essex and Suffolk Water to make improvements to rivers around priority habitats, and the removal on non-native invasives.

East Suffolk Catchment Partnership Newsletter - December 2019

This issue we hear news from ESRT on the ESCP's future focus, and on the managed aquifer recharge trial (MAR) results which form part of the Topsoil project. There is also an overview of Defra's Challenges and Choices consultation on the water environment, and a Groundwork update on the Yellow Fish project, which promotes 'only rain down the drain'. Finally we hear about a new Rattlesden River Network, and some preliminary observations on the Natural Flood Management work in Debenham following heavy winter rains.  

East Suffolk Catchment Catchment Partnership Newsletter - June 2019

This issue we hear from The East Suffolk Internal Drainage Board on their business case for upgrading river walls in Snape, Aldeburgh and Iken. The EA provide an update on tree planting at Eastbridge, and on their ideas for trials being proposed as part of abstraction reform in the East Suffolk priority catchment. ESRT provides updates on the Natural Flood Management work underway at Spain's Hall Estate in Finchingfield where beavers have been released into an enclosure. There is also news on the East Suffolk Catchment Partnership's visioning meeting, where members brainstormed potential new projects. Finally we provide an update on Defra's consultation on the flood and coastal erosion strategy.

East Suffolk Catchment Partnership Newsletter – February 2019

This issue we hear an update on the funding agreements nearing completion for the Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership’s work, and news from the Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Partnership about their winter tree planting. The Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust shares news of it’s TOPSOIL project in the Sandlings, where it is trialling natural aquifer recharge over the winter, and the completion of its work creating in-channel habitat in the River Gipping at Stowmarket. Finally, there’s an update on the Debenham Natural Flood Management project being led by Suffolk County Council, which seeks to address flooding concerns in the village..

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