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In this short video, Paul Bradford from Sustainable Water Solutions explains the project we’ve been working on in East Suffolk to trial Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR).

How does MAR actually work? What are the aims of this trial? How are we collecting the results? These questions are answered in the video along with many more. Here Paul shows us the soil we’re working with and explores it’s properties; what is the Suffolk CRAG and how does it store water?  And can we do this safely, without compromising water or soil quality? Paul also explains how we are monitoring the groundwater during the trial, using soil moisture monitoring to measure retention levels. Can this method help ensure water is retained until July for summer abstraction?

This method has never be trialled in the UK before so this is an exciting project for Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust. We hope you enjoy the video and find it useful.

Please watch and share it!

We would like to thank Paul for his work on this, and Suffolk Produce Ltd for allowing us to carry out the trial on their land using their equipment. Thanks also to Soil Moisture sense for their support, and all our partners and funders listed in the video.

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